We Invite

Jesus is an invitational God. Inviting people is his M.O. And we’re committed to following his lead. Kindred is a church family for people who don’t have one, and even for people who don’t yet know they need one. So we don’t just wait for people to come to us. We invite people to check us out and to share the journey as we respond to God’s unconditional love together. But inviting people to church isn’t always easy. So below we’ve compiled some resources to help you.

We encourage everyone to invite at least one person each month to check out Kindred Church. Who will you invite?



It’s not always easy to know how to invite people to church. We don’t ever want to be pushy, manipulative, or annoying. But we do want to be intentional as we seek and as we create opportunities to invite people to check us out. Explore these resources for practical insights and creative ways you can help us connect with more of our neighbors who could use a great church family like Kindred. You may be surprised at the ways God uses you!

Pray About It

We each need God’s help to reach the people God is calling us to reach. Here are some prayers we can use for inspiration.

Consider Your Contacts

Think you don’t know anyone who would be interested in Kindred? Think again! Here’s an easy way to find someone you know who might be open to an invitation.

Engage on Social Media

If you’re on Facebook and/or Instagram, you can help us leverage the power of social media to offer Kindred Church to exponentially more people. Here’s how! 

Welcome New Neighbors

Be sure to reach out when you see new folks in your neighborhood. Here’s how!

Look For Transitions

People beginning a new chapter of life often have a need that Kindred can meet. And we want to help! Here’s how. 

Let Us Do It For You

Know someone who might be open to an invitation? Want us to reach out to them? Tell us here and we’ll do it!

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